February 2024 Play For UGC Codes for Extra Points / PowerUp Gamer

February 2024 Play For UGC Codes for Extra Points

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This article lists all the active codes for Play For UGC Codes, a Roblox game where you can slice and dice balls to improve your sword-handling skills. The codes can be redeemed for free rewards, such as UGC Points.

If you’re looking for more codes, check out our Roblox Project Bronze Forever Codes, Peroxide, and Grand Piece Online Codes pages! Or have a look at our Roblox corner of the site for even more game codes and updates.

February 2024 Play For UGC Codes for Extra Points / PowerUp Gamer

The following codes are active as of February 6, 2024

Active Play For UGC Codes

  • p3th – Redeem code for UGC Points (NEW)
  • MASKWHEN—Redeem for 10k UGC Points (New)
  • 20k02—Redeem for 5k UGC Points (New)
  • 5kdeez—Redeem for 5k UGC Points
  • sumex2 – Redeem for 15,000 UGC Points
  • ineedthatnewsword—Redeem for 15K UGC Points
  • newugc—Redeem for 10K UGC Points
  • sumex—Redeem for 5K UGC Points
  • 500ccu—Redeem for 10K UGC Points
  • 12active—Redeem for 5K UGC Points
  • christmas—Redeem for 15K UGC Points
  • tm951—Redeem for 5K UGC Points
  • spacewace—Redeem for 5K UGC Points
  • newsmallcode—Redeem for 5K UGC Points
  • 3m1l—Redeem for 7.5k UGC points
  • ihateshutdowns—Redeem for 5k UGC Points
  • br0kent1mer—Redeem for 5k UGC Points
  • b3tter—Redeem for 7.5k UGC points
  • backinbiz – Redeem code for 5.000 UGC Points
  • maskwhen – Redeem code for 2,500 UGC Points
  • 2kspace – Redeem code for 2,500 UGC Points
  • hairsocool – Redeem code for 2,500 UGC Points

We’ll keep an eye out for new updates to the game. For now, they have disabled a bunch of older codes.

How to Redeem Codes

February 2024 Play For UGC Codes for Extra Points / PowerUp Gamer

To redeem codes in Play For UGC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game
  2. Click on the ABX Codes on the left.
  3. Then enter your code
  4. Enter the code in the text box and click on the Redeem button.

Strategy for Playing Play For UGC

With these kinds of codes, using them right away is the only strategy and one I used very recently. It will give you a boost over everyone else playing.

How to Get More Codes

New codes are released periodically, so it’s a good idea to check back often for our Play For UGC Wiki here. You can also find codes by joining the official Play For UGC Discord server.

About Play For UGC

Unleash your inner fire-breather in DRAGON: Play For UGC, a Roblox experience where collecting points unlocks a treasure trove of user-generated content (UGC)! Soar through vibrant skies, conquer challenging tasks, and build your unique dragon arsenal with free UGC every day!

Dragonic delights:

  • Embrace the sky: Take flight as a majestic dragon, exploring diverse islands and uncovering hidden secrets. From fiery volcanoes to lush jungles, each landscape invites airborne exploration.
  • Master dragonic feats: Complete daily tasks like racing, collecting coins, and even AFK-style point building to earn valuable points. The more you do, the more you unlock!
  • Unleash your inner collector: Redeem your points for a dazzling array of UGC. Customize your dragon with powerful abilities, stylish skins, and unique accessories. From fiery trails to fearsome horns, the possibilities are endless!

But DRAGON isn’t just about hoarding loot – it’s about community!

  • Join the dragon clan: Team up with fellow dragon enthusiasts, share strategies, and compete in friendly challenges. Show off your customized dragon and discover hidden UGC gems together.
  • Support creators: Every UGC item you unlock goes back to the community, supporting talented Roblox creators and fueling the cycle of awesome content.
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