Unleash Your Gaming Expertise: Guest Post for PowerUpGamer / PowerUp Gamer

Unleash Your Gaming Expertise: Guest Post for PowerUpGamer

Are you a gamer who loves sharing insights about the latest games, consoles, and gaming strategies? PowerUpGamer offers you a golden opportunity to share your gaming knowledge, earn recognition in the gaming community, and do what you love. We appreciate your understanding of the gaming world and aim to provide the perfect platform for you to share it with our growing community of gamers.

We’re looking for skilled writers who can share their gaming adventures and provide value to our readers.

Unleash Your Gaming Expertise: Guest Post for PowerUpGamer / PowerUp Gamer

We’re looking for writers who can contribute gaming guides, walkthroughs, expert reviews, and how-to tutorials on any video game for our gaming community. Additionally, you can share your in-depth understanding of mods, cheat codes, tier lists, and server statuses of specific games. If you love staying updated with your favorite games, you’re welcome to share the latest news and updates.

Regardless of your favorite game, we’re excited to publish your guest posts. Our community particularly enjoys games like Pokemon, Fortnite, COD (Call Of Duty), Roblox, Marvel Snap, and Elden Ring, but we welcome content on a broad spectrum of games.

Select a game or idea you’re passionate about. If you’re unsure, feel free to discuss your topic with our editor, and once approved, you can craft a piece of content. Remember, our gaming audience craves fresh, high-quality content that is enjoyable to read and offers deep insights into the chosen topic.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Below are the details regarding our gaming post-submission guidelines. Adhering to these guidelines will significantly enhance the likelihood of your post being accepted:

  • Craft a high-quality, engaging content piece filled with insightful information on the topic, ensuring it captivates our gaming audience and aids them in their gaming.
  • Post-submission, ensure your content is proofread to eliminate grammatical, sentence structure, and spelling errors. Proper formatting of headings/subheadings is crucial, and the content should be ready for publishing.
  • Submit original work; posts already submitted or published on other platforms are not acceptable. Refrain from copy-pasting from the internet; our stringent plagiarism checks will detect and reject any copied content.
  • Utilize proper anchor links that are not promotional. Exclude irrelevant, broken, or affiliate links.
  • We allow 2 links to your own Twitter/X, personal blog, or other platform you publish on.
  • Provide an enticing title and ensure the blog length is at least 500 words for a cheat codes post or 1500 or more words for a thoughtful game review.
  • Include high-resolution images that are copyright-free, with an ideal image size of at least 750x450px or larger.
  • Familiarity with SEO will add value to your content. If not, our editing team is here to assist and happy to help teach you and level up your skills

Excited To Collaborate With Us? Fantastic! We are thrilled to have you on board.

Unleash Your Gaming Expertise: Guest Post for PowerUpGamer / PowerUp Gamer

Reach out to us at [email protected]

Please submit a sample guest post for our review team to evaluate. You can provide a sample article of a game walkthrough, a game guide, or a retrospective of a particular game. If your submission meets our criteria, we will publish the sample as your inaugural article on PowerUp Gamer.