Editorial Policy

Last modified April 6th, 2023.

PowerUp Gamer attempts to report and bring information to its readers as accurately as possible. The site works hard to make sure its users time is not wasted and they leave fully understanding the topic that they arrived upon. The founders of this website combine to have over 30+ years of experience in publishing, which means you know you are in the hands of people who have been able to produce quality content for their readers.


If a major reporting issue occurs and a mistake is found in an article, we will be sure to correct the issue and list the details of the correction in the post.

Article Updates

Pages will be updated from time-to-time based on whether or not they need grammatical corrections or minor fixes. These alterations will not be explicitly listed, however, you will see the updated date on the page change based on when it was last altered.

If a major addition of content was added to a news story, we will call out the portion of the article that has been updated on the post with the date. When it comes to how-to guides, if it isn’t important for the user to know a change was made, it will not be specifically listed.

Codes pages are updated frequently when new codes have been released. We will also update each codes page once every 30 days or so to reflect the new month. While a new code will not always be added during this transition, it still means the page is up-to-date.

Conflicts of Interest

PowerUp Gamer is not funded by an outside investor and is currently owned and operated by itself. If any conflicts of interest may occur or become known, we will be sure to disclose any issues within posts as they arise.

You can learn more about PowerUp Gamer in the About Us section of our website. Have questions? Be sure to head to the Contact Us page and let us know.