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One Punch Hero Codes [February 2024]

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for One Punch Hero Codes in Roblox! If you’re a gaming enthusiast looking for a creative adventure in the virtual world of Roblox, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting realm of One Punch Hero and reveal some exclusive codes that will unlock incredible rewards and enhance your gameplay. So grab your virtual suitcase and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of One Punch Hero in Roblox with these amazing codes. Let’s jump right in and discover the secrets that await!

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What is One Punch Hero Roblox?

One Punch Hero is an action-packed Roblox game developed by PlayShard Studio and released in January 2023. With over 25 million visits and 900,000 favorites, One Punch Hero has become a popular and engaging choice for Roblox players seeking an anime-inspired adventure filled with training, combat, and exploration.


Players embark on a journey to become the ultimate hero, inspired by the iconic Saitama from the One-Punch Man anime series. Through dedicated training and intense battles, players strive to achieve Saitama’s unparalleled strength and defeat enemies with a single punch.

Key Features

  • Anime-inspired world: Immerse yourself in a vibrant anime-style world filled with iconic characters, locations, and challenges.
  • Training and progression: Train relentlessly to enhance your strength, reflexes, and combat techniques.
  • Diverse fighting styles: Master various fighting styles, each with its unique strengths and combos.
  • Explore different worlds: Embark on exciting quests and adventures in diverse worlds, each with its own secrets and rewards.

Data Points

  • Visits: 25 million+
  • Favorites: 900,000+
  • Release date: January 2023
  • Genre: Action, Anime-inspired
One Punch Hero Codes

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We checked for new codes on February 7, 2024!

Active One Punch Hero Codes

  • NewYears! – 1k tokens and double XP for two hours (NEW)
  • 17kthanks – 250 tokens and double XP for one hour
  • 16klikesty – double XP for two hours and 600 tokens
  • 15klikesthanks: Two hours of 2x EXP and 750 Tokens
  • 14kokok: 3 Lucky Draws and 350 Tokens
  • ayayaya13K: 3 Lucky Draws and 200 Tokens
  • 12Kuru: One hour of 2x Drop Rate and 200 Tokens
  • tysm4tenK: 500 Tokens and one hour of 1.5x EXP
  • fav10kwow: 30 minutes of 1.5x EXP
  • Shutdownagainoops – 250 Tokens

Expired Codes

  • 3000Woww!
  • 3point5KYAY
  • 500kVisits!
  • 4kyayyayyay!
  • 2500Nice
  • 2O0OLikes
  • TokensTY1750
  • oopsShutdown!CodeThoYay

How to Redeem Codes

One Punch Hero Codes [February 2024] / PowerUp Gamer

To redeem codes in One Punch Hero, follow these steps:

Total time: 2 minutes

  1. Start up Roblox and Launch One Punch Hero

  2. Click on the YouTube Button

  3. Enter your code and hit redeem

  4. Did you find a new code? or an old one that’s broken? let us know in the comments!

If you’re having trouble redeeming a code, try closing out of the game and re-opening it. This will put you in a new server, which could have an updated build of the game where the code will be working!

What Do These Codes Do?

One Punch Herol Codes give you free in-game items and bonuses that can help you progress faster. These rewards can include coins, boosters, and even new units. However, keep in mind that these codes can only be redeemed once, so it’s important to claim them when you’re ready to maximize their benefits.

How to Get More Codes

The best way to find new One Punch Hero Codes is to join the official Discord Group. The developers often post new codes there, as well as news and updates about the game. You can also check this wiki regularly for updates on the latest codes.

What is the One Punch Man Anime?

One Punch Hero Codes [February 2024] / PowerUp Gamer

The One Punch Man anime is an action-comedy series that follows the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with just one punch. Created by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, the anime showcases Saitama’s journey as he faces various monsters and villains while dealing with the monotony and boredom that comes with his overwhelming strength. With its unique blend of humor, intense action sequences, and thought-provoking themes, One Punch Man has gained a massive following worldwide.

The anime has received critical acclaim for its animation quality, character development, and satirical take on superhero tropes. It has been praised for its ability to balance comedy and intense action, keeping viewers entertained throughout each episode. The series has also spawned a second season, continuing the story of Saitama and his encounters with powerful adversaries. One Punch Man has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring cosplay, merchandise, and a dedicated fanbase. With its relatable protagonist and engaging storyline, the anime has captivated audiences and solidified its place as a beloved and iconic series in the anime community.

One Punch Hero Codes [February 2024] / PowerUp Gamer

With its stunning visuals and dynamic fight scenes, One Punch Man has set a new standard for animation in the superhero genre. The show’s clever satire not only provides entertainment but also encourages viewers to question the notion of invincibility and the true nature of heroism. The second season introduces new characters and further explores the complexities of Saitama’s journey, captivating both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Additionally, the series has sparked numerous discussions on social media platforms, further fueling its popularity and cementing its status as a modern classic. The impact of One Punch Man reaches far beyond the screen, as it continues to inspire and influence future anime creators.

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