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Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes

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We have curated a list of fully free links to ABA Private Server Codes for you!

Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes / PowerUp Gamer

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Looking for a fun fighting game? Check out Roblox Anime Battle Arena (ABA)! This game has been developed by Dogs Studios: South for the platform, and it’s really cool. In ABA, you can play as your favorite anime character from various manga and shows. You can battle it out with other players and see who has the ultimate fighting skills! And if you want to get free access to some private servers, we’ve got a list of codes that you can use. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our guide to get started!

It’s important to note that private servers are not exclusive to you, as other players can use them as well. However, these VIP servers receive updates more quickly than public ones, and you’ll often find that they have few players in them.

ABA free Private Server Codes

To access one of the private servers listed, simply click on the link and Roblox will automatically load the game. Remember that other players also have access to these links, so you won’t always be alone. However, private servers tend to have fewer players than public ones.

Our Favorite Anime Battle Arena Private Servers List

  • RI65li
  • L5JvhZ
  • 7LkJb7
  • g4L6iK
  • dJ5RiQ
  • 2Q6ZI7
  • IY94fK
  • hlybie
  • J59eTb
  • QILg1c
  • 55RyQ4
  • aYvJQ9
  • LkLgaG
  • ggR18T
  • xxJzfJ
  • Jv1fc6
  • kLzHhK
  • 2Z4cYX
  • 63gdKY
  • LJ5Gdg
  • bj39L4
  • 21ZhYf
  • R9R5lj
  • iibikY
  • ZQb3H6
  • iiRQHd
  • f2df3k

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How to use Private Server Codes

Use the following steps to unlock the private servers.

  • Open up ABA on your device
  • Click on the Private Servers link on the first screen
  • Copy a code from our list and enter into the “Server Code” text field
  • Hit the Join button
Anime Battle Arena Private Server Codes / PowerUp Gamer

Finding Low Population Servers

If you want to find a lonely server there is a way that you can do it that is pretty simple, but only works if you are on a PC and use the Google Chrome browser. Just download the BTRoblox – Making Roblox Better Extension, and make sure that it is activated. This is a safe plugin that is used by over 2 million users. It is very common, don’t be worried about viruses or anything.

Head to the Blox Fruits Roblox page and scroll down to the Servers section. With the plugin activated, you will see a pagination enabled at the bottom, allowing you to enter a number into the textbox. Enter one that is close to the maximum amount of pages and hit the enter key on your keyboard. If you go too close to the maximum, you’ll get servers that don’t have players but won’t work.

Keep entering in numbers until you find servers that have one player in them. Hit the join button and you should be in a server that has just that player in it! You can now do what you want for a while without being hassled. Other players may end up entering your server, but you should get some quiet time before that happens.

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