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Peroxide Lighting and Balance [Update 2]

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A new update for Peroxide has hit and it is bringing some fresh new lightning Shikai and Bankai skills. The Wandering Trader will now be moving daily and bringing fresh goodies.

Roblox Peroxide recently unveiled an update, bringing significant changes and enhancements to the gaming experience. The notable upgrades include a meticulous rework of Lightning abilities, the introduction of the Wandering Trader feature, and various balance adjustments and refinements.

The Lightning shikai skills have been completely revamped, introducing three new passives to augment the Lightning bankai. This update has elevated the visual effects in the manifest domain, offering players enhanced clarity. In addition to these improvements, a new entity known as the Wandering Trader has been incorporated, offering a diverse array of items and changing its location on a daily basis.

Peroxide Lighting and Balance [Update 2] / PowerUp Gamer

The game has integrated distorted raids as a novel feature, presenting unique events with elevated drop rates and the opportunity to earn Unstable Time Remnants. Distinguished from standard raid events, these raids necessitate manual summoning. Private arenas are another addition, featuring a code-based system for access. Alongside, three new legendary skills, driven by the Unstable Time Remnant, are available. Specific to the Arrancar and Quincy classes, two of these skills are exclusive. Moreover, various non-vanity items, harder to attain than their cosmetic counterparts, enrich the rewards for ranked gameplay, and two new accessories have been added.

Balance adjustments include refining several abilities. The Reiatsu Eclipse ability has been modified to be uncounterable. The auto-execute mechanism for Death has been optimized to function accurately when the target’s health drops below a certain level. The audio for Hueco Mundo’s Storm has also been attenuated, and various skills, including Sho, Tenran, and Senju Koten Taiho, have been balanced.

To cap off the update, miscellaneous enhancements have been implemented. These encompass new icons for accessories and skills, streamlined dialogue NPCs in all worlds, and rectifications of specific gameplay glitches. Importantly, Linux support has been initiated on Roblox, resolving a prior issue preventing gameplay on this platform.

Peroxide Lighting and Balance [Update 2] / PowerUp Gamer

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  • Lightning Shikai skills have been completely reworked.
  • Lightning Bankai now has 3 new passives.
  • Upgraded vfx on manifest domain.
  • Added the wandering trader, who sells a random set of items, and moves daily.
  • Added distorted raids, which can only be summoned manually. They have much higher drop rates and the ability to drop Unstable Time Remnants.
  • Added private servers, which use a code-based system for joining.
  • Added 3 new legendary skills from the Unstable Time Remnant, one of which is arrancar exclusive.
  • You can now get various non-vanity items from ranked, however, they’re rarer than the cosmetic ones.
  • Added two new accessories.

Balance Changes:

  • Reiatsu Eclipse is now uncounterable.
  • Aegis now procs before counters.
  • Reiatsu Crystal of Prodigy now works with War and Death. (Ultimate Prodigy is for Death)
  • Death now properly auto-executes if the target is below the required %. (Goes through VastoRage like other auto-executes)
  • Fixed a bug with Death’s Toll, and increased the activated time by 1 second.
  • Lowered Hueco Mundo’s Storm volume.
  • Increased Sho’s cooldown and made it less move-stackable with other things. (12 -> 16)
  • Decreased Four World Freeze’s hitbox length a tiny bit.
  • Improved the hitbox for Tenran.
    • Nerfed Tenran, it only block breaks if the person hit was near the front of the move.
  • Reduced Sho’s target hit stun time. (0.7 -> 0.4)
  • Senju Koten Taiho damage increased, distance usable now scales with mastery. (23 -> 25)
  • Increased the width of the hitbox for Gravity Bankai’s inside bubble M2.
  • Increased Byakurai’s damage a tiny bit, made it movestackable with M1’s.
  • Doubled Horin’s initial damage.
  • Flag of Resolve cooldown increase. (80 -> 90)
  • Lunge now has reduced endlag if you blockbreak someone with it.
  • Lowered the hitbox lingering of dual-style weapons. (.23 -> .2)
  • Impact Point no longer knocks down the target in knockback.
  • Seek is now on the global extender cooldown, very tiny buff to the target hit stun time on the move.
  • Hundred Ice Nights Purgatory floor AoE damage now has halved mode gain from it’s damage. (Everything else with the move is still the same)
  • Fixed Siphon stealing health from Danku’s barrier.
  • Fixed being able to hold X and some other ways to cheese Guitarist’s Requiem.
  • Fixed being able to be hit multiple times by the same Getsuga Tenshou.
  • Flash Stamp now has a little extra end-lag when used in the air.
  • Optimized the move as well.
  • Fire Bankai Skeletons now automatically disappear after 10 + your mastery in seconds. (They explode right before disappearing)
  • Gigantic Cero is no longer evasivable after getting hit by it.
  • Perfect dodging Manifest Crash will no longer end the move early.
  • Lowered Dark Ensnarls CD

Misc Changes:

  • Added new main menu music
  • Added some new icons for accessories and skills. (Pebir made them)
  • Added support for Linux on Roblox. (Wouldn’t let you play)
  • Fixed Tengu Mask being broken.
  • Optimized dialogue NPCs a lot in every world.
  • Patched lock on & certain moves giving you a gameplay paused GUI.
  • Fixed player’s velocities getting reset when hit by moves that don’t stun.
  • Added new GCD change that makes other extenders raise 30s in cooldown rather than be set to 30s cooldown.
  • Fixed ultimate cool-downs not being accurate.
  • Fixed collisions being broken on players and NPC models.
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