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Anime Adventures Update: Dive into the Holy Grail War and More!

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The latest patch introduces the intense Holy Grail War event where players can align with historical heroes for grand rewards and introduces the new Mountain Temple world filled with unique units and mechanics. The Flame Hunt Battle Pass is launched, offering additional units, while the World Jumper feature sees significant improvements, allowing smoother game progression. Daily tasks have expanded with Navi’s new missions, and various units are now tradable. The update also brings significant balance changes, including rebalancing of buff units and adjustments to the Infinity Castle. New event quests, bug fixes, and further updates are on the horizon.

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Enter the Holy Grail War

History’s legendary heroes are now clashing in the ultimate fight to the death for the fulfillment of their deepest desires. Align with powerful servants, get your hands on exclusive rewards available only for a limited time, and showcase your prowess in this intense contest of life and death!

Discover the Mountain Temple

A brand new world awaits!

  • Explore the Mountain Temple with its own unique set of challenges.
  • Collect, upgrade, and evolve unique units.
  • Dive into the new unit mechanics.
  • Engage in new Evolve Quests.
  • Utilize the new units in the Noble Portals, where they’ll benefit from a drop rate boost and increased damage.
  • Check out the Event shop and exchange Lesser Grails daily for enticing rewards!

Flame Hunt Battle Pass

The heat is on! With the release of the new Flame Hunt Battle Pass, you can now:

  • Collect more units as you progress.
  • Achieve battle pass levels by defeating enemies in any game mode.

Anime Adventures Update: Dive into the Holy Grail War and More! / PowerUp Gamer

World Jumper Update

Jumping between worlds has never been smoother!

  • Additional World Jumper stages up to and including Hero City (World #15).
  • Automatic prompt when choosing a World – no need for items.
  • Reach the last stage of a world swiftly, clear it, and all subsequent stages will unlock instantaneously.

Daily Tasks and More

Navi’s got some new missions for you! Complete these daily tasks to evolve your units. Plus, take part in:

  • New seasons for Infinity Castle, Leaderboard, and Tournament.
  • Refreshed Special Banner with older Mythic units moved out.
  • Global announcements for top Infinity Castle room achievers.
  • Room rebalancing in Infinity Castle for rooms above 150.
  • Global difficulty rebalancing.

Tradeable Units Unveiled

Here’s a list of units you can now trade:

  • Skull Knight variants
  • Harribu versions
  • Avdo iterations
  • Kizume forms
  • Poseidon
  • Roger and his Pirate King form
  • Bombietta, Kimomaro, Isago

Balancing and Fixes

To ensure fairness and improve gameplay:

  • Buff units have been rebalanced.
  • Griffin (Ascension) now has a heightened sacrifice requirement.
  • We’ve addressed several bugs and made various balance changes.
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