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Dome Keeper Double Dome Update Live Now

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We are excited to announce the release of the Double Dome Update for Dome Keeper! This update adds two new domes, the Tesla Dome and the Artillery Dome, as well as a new system called Dome Supplements.

The Artillery Dome is the most powerful dome in the game, with a mortar that fires high-explosive shells and an anti-air machine gun. The Tesla Dome is a unique dome that allows you to aim your attacks freely in two dimensions. You can use it to place Electro Orbs around your dome to defend it from monsters.

Dome Supplements are a new type of upgrade that can be added to existing dome upgrade tracks. They are found in new chambers that contain power cores. There are six new Dome Supplements available in this update.

In addition to the new domes and supplements, the Double Dome Update also includes a number of other fixes and improvements. Here is a full list of changes:

dome keeper update

New Dome Keeper Content

*Added Artillery Dome
*Added Tesla Dome
*Added custom sprites for all primary gadgets per dome
*Replaced cobalt branches in dome tech trees with a new system, the dome supplements
*Added a new chamber type, the power core chambers. Retrieve the core inside to receive a supplement.
*Added 6 dome supplements
*Added run modifier that lets you get 3 dome supplements instead of only one
*Added “mine view”, where you can watch the mine you dug out after finishing a run and even show the resources you missed
*Added run modifier that lets you play completely without monsters
*Added classic “Dome Romantik” palette (orange, blue, purple)

Dome Keeper Gadgets

*Improved how orchard shields are spaced across domes, adapting better to different dome shapes and sizes
*Orchard root explosion won’t remove other roots anymore
*Improved orchard shield destruction effect

Dome Keeper Improvements

*Gamepad auto switch option now also works for steam deck, resolving some issues of inputs being unresponsive
*Improved positions where domes are shot at
*Relic switches can now be activated immediately after uncovering, no need to wait for the animation
*Stingray is back to the old animation, does not look squished anymore
*Assessor can now collect again when in cellar
*Changed gadget chamber placement to be less predictable
*Prospection meter does not target rooted resources anymore
*Auto cannon and stun laser won’t target burrowed monsters anymore
*Teleport won’t trigger if you or the moveable portal are still inside the dome
*Improved visuals of the shield battle ability “electro blast”
*Updated localisation
*Improved some sound effects
*Changed run modifier “double iron” to simply increase the iron in the underground by 50% and no increase in upgrade cost

Dome Keeper Balance

*Cycle time: increases slightly slower the larger the dugout mine is
*Orchard: halved how quickly moving uses up the orchard buff
*Orchard: increased initial buff strength and decreased growth time
*Orchard: slightly buffed orchard shield hp (120->130)
*Shield: very slightly decreased max strength (6.6%)
*Scarab: slightly increased health
*Repair: depends slightly less on dome health
*Auto repair: is not a standalone upgrade anymore but instead comes for free with the inventory upgrade
*Engineer: buffed drill strength of the last drill upgrade
*Engineer: slightly buffed the speed upgrades
*Engineer: slightly buffed the second carry strength upgrade
*Assessor: buffed the sphere base damage to be a more viable mining option, especially in the deeper layers
*Assessor: slightly buffed the upgrades for minimum speed when carrying or collecting
*Assessor: slightly decreased effectiveness of contact mining, with the last stage being weaker and rock hardness still having a small impact. It was faster than the engineer in deeper layers, but really spheres should be the main mining tool for the Assessor
*Assessor: slightly changed costs of some upgrades, 2 iron more or less

Dome Keeper Fixes

*Fixed stag shooting too much if hit by sword and stunned while walking
*Fixed some resources not getting revealed initially when picking up scanner from cave
*Fixed vignette not showing up for cobalt bomb, if you disable the vignette in the mine
*Fixed all worlds showing up in some cases, irrespective of unlocked ones

We hope you enjoy this update!

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