Top Man-Thing Toxic Deck: Marvel Snap / PowerUp Gamer

Top Man-Thing Toxic Deck: Marvel Snap

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Man-Thing is starting to make the rounds again in Marvel Snap. He’s also featured as a new variant to grab in the latest season. Make the most of your new Man-Thing and get into the Toxic Deck mix.

Top Man-Thing Toxic Deck: Marvel Snap / PowerUp Gamer

How to Play the Man-Thing Toxic Deck

The Man-Thing deck is a powerful and versatile archetype in Marvel Snap, capable of overwhelming opponents with negative Power affliction. To harness its full potential, follow this step-by-step strategy that has proven to deliver a high win rate:

1. Leave a Lane Open for Man-Thing:

Man-Thing’s ability to reduce the Power of enemy cards is most effective when played in a lane with multiple low-Cost cards. Therefore, it’s crucial to leave a lane open specifically for Man-Thing’s arrival.

2. Utilize Viper to Send The Hood Across:

Viper’s ability to send an opponent’s card to their side of the board is a key component of the Man-Thing strategy. Use Viper to send The Hood, a negative Power card, to the opposing side, setting the stage for Man-Thing’s impact.

3. Play Green Goblin into the Man-Thing Lane:

Green Goblin, another negative Power card, further enhances the strategy. Play Green Goblin into the lane reserved for Man-Thing, amplifying the negative Power effect on the opponent’s low-Cost cards.

4. Employ Polaris to Gather Enemy Cards:

Polaris’ ability to move cards around the board is invaluable for maximizing Man-Thing’s effectiveness. Use Polaris to drag the opponent’s 1 and 2-Cost cards into the Man-Thing lane, concentrating the negative Power effect.

5. Unleash Man-Thing’s Power Reduction:

With the enemy’s low-Cost cards gathered in the designated lane, it’s time to unleash Man-Thing’s power reduction ability. Play Man-Thing into the lane, significantly lowering the Power of the gathered cards.

6. Prepare the Deck for Lady Deathstrike:

Lady Deathstrike’s ability to destroy weakened cards is the perfect complement to Man-Thing’s power reduction. Play Forge to prepare the deck for Lady Deathstrike’s arrival, ensuring her timely appearance.

7. Eliminate Weakened Cards with Lady Deathstrike:

With the enemy’s cards weakened by Man-Thing, Lady Deathstrike can deliver the final blow. Play Lady Deathstrike to destroy the weakened cards, effectively eliminating the opponent’s presence in that lane.

8. Utilize Defensive Cards Strategically:

Echo, Rogue, and Luke Cage serve as defensive measures against potential enemy counters. Hold onto these cards and play them strategically to protect your own cards and maintain control of the board.

9. Deploy Abomination for Early Lane Defense:

Abomination’s high Power makes him an excellent early defender. If a lane is in danger of being lost, play Abomination early to secure the lane and prevent the opponent from gaining an advantage.

10. Utilize Spider-Woman as a Versatile Damage Dealer:

Spider-Woman’s ability to afflict additional damage makes her a valuable asset. Use Spider-Woman as a joker card, playing her strategically to inflict even more damage on the opponent’s cards.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can effectively wield the Man-Thing deck and dominate your opponents with its potent negative Power affliction strategy. Remember to adapt and adjust your tactics based on the specific match-up and your opponent’s playstyle.

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Kazoo Deck Deck Card List

Top Man-Thing Toxic Deck: Marvel Snap / PowerUp Gamer
# (1) The Hood
# (1) Forge
# (1) Echo
# (2) Luke Cage
# (2) Viper
# (3) Green Goblin
# (3) Rogue
# (3) Daken
# (3) Polaris
# (4) Man-Thing
# (5) Lady Deathstrike
# (5) Spider-Woman
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Counters to KaZoo Deck

To effectively counter the Man-Thing deck’s negative Power affliction strategy, consider incorporating these cards and tactics into your gameplay:

1. Luke Cage:

Luke Cage’s ability to protect friendly cards from negative Power effects is a direct counter to Man-Thing’s strategy. Play Luke Cage in lanes where Man-Thing is likely to be played, shielding your cards from the debilitating effects.

2. Enchantress:

Enchantress’s ability to prevent cards from being destroyed is another effective counter to the Man-Thing deck. Use Enchantress to protect your key cards from Lady Deathstrike’s destructive power, disrupting the opponent’s strategy.

3. Killmonger:

Killmonger’s ability to destroy all 1-Cost cards can significantly hinder the Man-Thing deck’s effectiveness. Play Killmonger to eliminate the opponent’s low-Cost cards, reducing the impact of Man-Thing’s power reduction.

4. Shang-Chi:

Shang-Chi’s ability to destroy cards with 9 or more Power can be used to eliminate The Hood, a key component of the Man-Thing deck. Play Shang-Chi strategically to remove The Hood from the board, disrupting the opponent’s negative Power strategy.

5. Cosmo:

Cosmo’s ability to prevent On Reveal abilities from activating can be used to counter both Viper and Polaris. Play Cosmo to disrupt the opponent’s ability to manipulate card positions, making it harder for them to set up Man-Thing’s power reduction.

6. Armor:

Armor’s ability to give all friendly units +1 Armor can protect your cards from being destroyed by Lady Deathstrike. Play Armor to safeguard your units, reducing the opponent’s ability to eliminate weakened cards.

7. Storm:

Storm’s ability to destroy all other cards at the same location can be used to counter the Man-Thing deck’s strategy of gathering low-Cost cards. Play Storm to eliminate the gathered cards, disrupting the opponent’s plan.

8. Strategic Card Placement:

Avoid playing low-Cost cards in the same lane as The Hood or Green Goblin to minimize the impact of negative Power effects. Spread your cards across different lanes to reduce the effectiveness of Man-Thing’s power reduction.

9. Proactive Lane Control:

Take control of lanes early to prevent the opponent from easily setting up Man-Thing’s power reduction. Play high-Power cards early to establish dominance in lanes, making it harder for the opponent to gather low-Cost cards.

10. Utilize Location Effects:

Choose locations that have negative effects on cards that have been destroyed, such as Kyln or Vormir. This can make it more difficult for the opponent to play Man-Thing and Lady Deathstrike effectively.

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