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Starfield: What We Know So Far

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In the exciting universe of Starfield, Bethesda Softworks presents a new open-world RPG where space exploration is key. Traverse from bustling human settlements to the wild and undiscovered planets on the galaxy’s brink.

The creators of The Elder Scrolls and modern Fallout series are now taking you on a thrilling journey with Starfield to “unravel the greatest enigma of mankind.” As the first original franchise in a quarter of a century from the studio, anticipation is naturally high among fans.

The enigma of Starfield keeps enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Though glimpses of the gameplay are evident in trailers, the absence of public hands-on previews only fuels the excitement. Touted as a more intense role-playing experience, Starfield is making a strong statement, especially considering the legacy of games like Skyrim. As tidbits of information slowly emerge, players are getting a clearer view of what this cosmic adventure will encompass.

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Starfield Release Date Unveiled: September 6, 2023 – It’s Almost Here!

The cosmic wait for Starfield’s release is nearing its end, with the official launch date set for September 6th, 2023.

Though initially scheduled for November 11th, 2022, for Xbox Series X/S and PC, the game’s launch was pushed to September 2023. Following a delay announced in March that hinted at a release in the “first half of 2023,” Bethesda’s launch date trailer finally confirmed the exciting September 6th release date.

From Teaser to Trailers: A Starfield Journey

Microsoft initially showcased Starfield at E3 2018, then remained silent until a new trailer and the exact release date were unveiled at E3 2021. Set to launch before The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield may include some shared key features.

For those eager to begin their space odyssey early, pre-ordering the “Premium Upgrade” or collector’s “Constellation Edition” can grant access up to five days before the official release.

Xbox Exclusive: No PlayStation in Starfield’s Orbit

Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive, available on both PC and Xbox Series X/S, but not on PlayStation. Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has helped reinforce its focus on exclusives like Starfield to enhance the value of Xbox Game Pass, further affirming its commitment to leaving PlayStation out.

Starfield on Game Pass: Play from Day One

In an extraordinary move, Starfield will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC right from launch day. This access allows players to dive into one of the year’s most awaited games without any additional cost on their existing subscription.

For those new to Game Pass, they can explore Starfield at a fraction of the full game’s price – akin to an unlimited play-time trial. However, continued access will require either buying Starfield outright, keeping the Game Pass subscription, or risking loss of access and saved game progress.

Cloud Gaming & The Importance of Starfield to Xbox

The inclusion on Game Pass enables Xbox One players to run Starfield via Xbox Cloud Gaming. This move is a significant step after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, making Starfield a critical game to prove the merit of the investment.

Should Starfield fulfill its gameplay expectations, it could be another persuasive factor to draw gamers into the Xbox ecosystem, augmenting the already extensive list of exceptional games on Game Pass.

Can Starfield Make the Jump to Handheld Consoles?

Judging from its system requirements, there’s a chance that Starfield could operate on a Steam Deck. However, the handheld console might be pushed to its maximum capacity. If it does run, the performance may not reach an optimal, playable level. Moreover, other Bethesda open-world titles, such as Oblivion and Fallout 4, exhibit certain issues on Steam Deck, including small text, improperly displayed icons, resolution challenges, and launcher problems.

Pre-ordering Starfield: Plan Your Intergalactic Adventure Now

Ready to book your journey into the cosmos? Starfield pre-orders offer three editions; the Standard edition for $69.99/£69.99, the digital-only Premium edition for $99.99/£99.99, and the deluxe Constellation edition for $299.99/£249.99. Each edition boasts exclusive bonus content and pre-order perks. To learn more about the different editions, check our comprehensive Starfield pre-order guide.

It’s important to note that Xbox Game Pass subscribers don’t need to pre-order. Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription, which offers an impressive library of games for Xbox or PC, has positioned itself as an excellent deal. With Starfield as a confirmed first-day release on Xbox Game Pass, subscribers will gain immediate access to the game on launch day.

Modding Starfield: A Gamer’s Playground

Game Director Todd Howard has confirmed the inclusion of player-created mods in Starfield, dubbing it “a modders paradise.” The specifics of this feature are still uncertain, such as whether this will be an expansion of Bethesda’s Creation Club, which allows modders to share their creations and receive payment for their contributions.

Regardless of the details, expect a continuous flow of enhancements, distinctive items, and even quest modifications from the community following the game’s release.

Delving Into Starfield Gameplay

In an effort to manage the swelling anticipation and curb rampant speculation, Bethesda released a comprehensive 45-minute Starfield Deep Dive Trailer, providing insight into many of the game’s key features.

This thorough exploration of Starfield’s gameplay uncovers numerous intriguing mechanisms at work in the game. As an open-world, single-player RPG, Starfield draws from Bethesda Softworks’ gaming legacy, such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim. However, Starfield stands apart by excluding multiplayer, akin to Fallout 76, while introducing fresh gameplay elements and maintaining certain familiarities.

Similar to other Bethesda titles, players will craft their unique characters, determining their look, backstory, and skills. From there, they embark on a personalized journey across the cosmos.

While Starfield’s primary quest may kickstart your adventure, the subsequent steps remain in your hands. You can choose to plunge deeper into the main storyline or embark on side quests, collect treasures, and amass wealth along your journey.

Now, let’s delve into the significant differentiator between Starfield and other Bethesda titles – its procedurally generated open world. As a player, your exploration of space in Starfield will differ substantially from others’. Instead of set locations, Starfield pieces together unique starry vistas using pre-set components.

Jean-Francois Levesque, Lead Technical Producer at Bethesda Softworks, elaborated on this in the deep dive, explaining how they “generate the planet itself as procedural content.” As players explore, the system stitches together terrain blocks, followed by the addition of intriguing locations, creatures, and flora.

Bethesda’s characteristic environmental storytelling remains intact, ensuring even if your friends visit the same planet, your experiences and stories will differ.

Pre-landing scans allow players to assess available resources and activities on a planet, ensuring preparedness and reducing aimless wandering.

During the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June 2022, Bethesda unveiled some Starfield gameplay. The video provides an extensive glimpse into the first-person shooter combat, a novel lockpicking mechanism, jetpack usage, and the exciting option to construct your spaceship and select your crew.

Game director Todd Howard also discussed the comprehensive character creation tools. More details are available in the video or in Oisin Kuhnke’s coverage on VG247.

The gameplay details, which were previously sparse, have now been fleshed out, hinting at an expansive space adventure with a gritty, futuristic overlay. The game’s website suggests a high degree of character customization and open-world exploration.

In a conversation with The Telegraph, Howard emphasized Starfield’s freedom, stating, “We like to put you in a world where we’re not dragging you by the nose and saying you must do X, Y and Z.” This implies a non-linear progression.

Starfield also promises more character customization than any of Bethesda’s other RPGs. It also allows players to choose their affiliations and possibly change factions during the game.

Developers have also hinted at revamped character customization options and a new dialogue system focusing on persuasion and future goals.

Changes are also evident in the companions feature, a common element in previous Bethesda games. One disclosed companion is a robot named VASCO, capable of navigating challenging terrains and carrying extra gear.

Starfield: What We Know So Far / PowerUp Gamer

In a developer video from April 2022, audio director Mark Lampert and composer Inon Zur discussed the creative process behind Starfield’s music and its role in shaping player experiences.

Recently, Starfield received its ESRB rating of ‘M’, attributable to its inclusion of mature themes, such as sex, drugs, and intergalactic violence. It appears that the fictional ‘Aurora’ drug will play a significant role in the game, along with other adult activities.

Exploring the Expanse of Starfield

Starfield boasts an impressive planetary count of approximately 1000. This includes both intricate story-driven worlds and “resource-rich” planets primarily beneficial for harvesting crafting materials.

However, it’s unclear what proportion of these planets will harbor explorable points of interest such as bandit strongholds. The number of planets showcasing hand-crafted story content is likely to be considerably lower than those primarily designed for resource gathering.

Nevertheless, we’ve glimpsed various thrilling locales that Starfield has to offer, ranging from futuristic, shimmering cities established on long-settled worlds to notorious hubs of galactic ne’er-do-wells.

On Jemison, a planet located in the Alpha Centauri system, you can discover New Atlantis, one of Starfield’s principal cities. This bustling hub is teeming with merchants, quests, factions, and other mysteries, serving as a base for both Constellation and the Vanguards.

In the Sol system, our very own home star system, lies Cydonia, a mining city on Mars, which appears to be another crucial quest area.

Venturing into the unsettled systems, you’ll come across the Freestar Collective space, inspired by the wild west. Here, in the Cheyenne system, lies Akila City, its capital, bustling with a diverse cast of outlaws.

In the lawless regions of Starfield’s vast map, within the Volii system, you’ll find Neon – an embodiment of space-age Las Vegas, thriving on indulgence and vice.

Factions in Starfield

Starfield’s main quest centers around Constellation, an illustrious band of space explorers committed to expanding the horizons of human knowledge.

Starfield: What We Know So Far / PowerUp Gamer

In the gameplay deep dive, we witnessed interactions between Constellation members and the player around a mysterious artifact likely to be a critical plot device in the overarching game narrative.

To date, we’ve observed what appears to be four primary factions in Starfield: the Vanguards, the Crimson Dawn, the Great Serpent, and the Red Mile.

Drawing parallels with the four major factions in previous Elder Scrolls games, speculation is rife. The Vanguards and Crimson Dawn, based on the Starfield Deep Dive video, seem analogous to the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild, while the Great Serpent and Red Mile resemble the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves’ Guild, respectively.

Considering their demonstrated prominence, it’s a safe bet that each faction will offer a suite of unique quests complete with individual storylines, and faction-specific gear to collect.

Character creation allows you to select traits aligning your character with certain factions, providing boosts when interacting with them or their home planets and strongholds.

Lastly, the infamous underworld of the “pleasure planet” Neon seemingly functions like its own faction, complete with an associated trait.

Romance and Companionship in Starfield

Bethesda’s games are renowned for their rich character relationships, and Starfield follows suit. The game has confirmed the inclusion of romance as a potential storyline component with your crew members. Characters like Constellation explorer Sarah Morgan and space cowboy Sam Coe may become more than just allies as the game progresses.

Starfield: What We Know So Far / PowerUp Gamer

We anticipate “romantic” dialogue options will emerge as you engage in companion quests with your key crew members. However, it remains uncertain if certain characters will initiate relationships based on the gender of the player-character.

Character Creation in Starfield

Starfield’s character creation system is one of the most comprehensive in a Bethesda game to date. Beyond the typical sliders allowing facial and bodily customization, you’re also assigned the task of selecting your character’s “traits” and “background.”

Traits are potent perks that significantly impact your journey, with both beneficial and adverse effects. Traits are reminiscent of those in Fallout: New Vegas, offering unique experiences each time you start a new game.

Some examples of in-depth traits include “Hero-Worshipped,” which entails an “Adoring Fan” following you and presenting gifts, and “Kid Stuff,” which permits interaction with your in-game parents at the cost of 2% of your earned credits.

There are also traits associated with specific in-game religions, offering access to special reward chests and rapport with NPC devotees of the same faith.

Furthermore, personality traits, such as “introvert,” affect gameplay dynamics. As an introvert, your character will consume less oxygen when alone, but more when with a companion. Such traits can strategize gameplay based on your preferred style.

Your character’s background holds significance for both role-playing and gameplay. We’ve seen NPCs reacting uniquely to a player’s chef or beast hunter background, providing exclusive dialogue opportunities. Additionally, each background determines your character’s starting skill proficiencies, similar to Tag skills in Fallout 4.

Ship Building in Starfield

In Starfield, your ship is essentially another character in your crew. Developers have confirmed multiple types of prebuilt ships purchasable in-game, with each one customizable using new parts affecting the ship’s stats.

Starfield: What We Know So Far / PowerUp Gamer

You can enhance your ship’s storage to augment its cargo capacity for trading, transform it into an agile dogfighter with improved mobility and top speed, or upgrade it into the ultimate fast-travel machine by extending its “Jump Range”.

The ship’s visual appeal is highly customizable as well, enabling you to combine different parts to craft unique designs according to your taste!

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Launch Day Goodies

A few details are beginning to emerge as we near the launch of Starfield and what kinds of goodies they have partnered with other teams to produce.

First we have this fantastic new PC build with the Starfield colorways.

Second we got a glimpse of the new Radeon RX7900 XTX with the custom build for Starfield colors and styling.

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