Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Teaser

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

Heres Everything We Know So Far!

– The level cap will be increased from Level 90 to Level 100 – Two new jobs: One melee DPS job and one ranged magical DPS (Yoshida didn't reveal the job titles) – New dungeons – New gear and recipes for crafters and gatherers – New variant dungeons – New Alliance Raid – New 8-Player Raid – New Ultimate Raid – The Pelupelu, a new race of people living in Yok Tural

New race to interact with

New Race to Interact with

Dashed Trail

New Island Adventures Await

Explore completely new islands and monsters

Terrain Map

New Enemies with Fantastic Stories to immerse yourselves in.

Dashed Trail

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Coming March 2024